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18 Everyone having fallen upon that stone will be broken-to-pieces. And[a] upon whomever it may fall, it will crush[b] him”. 19 And the scribes and the chief priests sought to put their hands on Him at the very hour. And[c] they feared the people. For they[d] knew that He spoke this parable against them.

The Priests Try To Snare Jesus: Shall We Pay Taxes To Caesar?

20 And having closely-watched Him, they sent forth spies pretending themselves to be righteous, in order that they might take-hold-of a statement of His, so as to hand Him over to the rule and the authority of the governor.

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  1. Luke 20:18 Or, But.
  2. Luke 20:18 See Mt 21:44.
  3. Luke 20:19 Or, And-yet.
  4. Luke 20:19 That is, the priests; or, the people.

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