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27 And he will reply, ‘Don’t you understand? I don’t know who you are, for you are not a part of my family. You cannot enter in. Now, go away from me! For you are all disloyal to me and do evil.’[a]

28 “You will experience great weeping and great anguish when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, along with all the prophets of Israel, enjoying God’s kingdom realm while you yourselves are barred from entering. 29 And you will see people streaming from the four corners of the earth, accepting the invitation to feast in God’s kingdom, while you are kept outside looking in.

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  1. Luke 13:27 This is quoted from Ps. 6:8. Though they were acquaintances, they had not responded to his message with repentance. The word disloyal is taken from the Aramaic. The question to ask is not simply, “Will the saved be few?” (v. 23) but rather, “Will it be you?”

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