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27 And kai he will speak legō, saying legō to you hymeis, ‘ I do not ou know oida you hymeis or where pothen you are eimi from. Depart aphistēmi from apo me egō, all pas you workers ergatēs of unrighteousness adikia!’ 28 There will be eimi · ho weeping klauthmos and kai · ho gnashing brygmos of ho teeth odous there ekei, when hotan you see horaō Abraham Abraam and kai Isaac Isaak, and kai Jacob Iakōb, and kai all pas the ho prophets prophētēs in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos, but de you hymeis yourselves · de cast ekballō outside exō.

29  Then kai they will come hēkō from apo east anatolē and kai west dysmē, and kai from apo north borras and kai south notos, and kai recline anaklinō at table in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos.

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