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42 But alla woe ouai to you hymeis · ho Pharisees Pharisaios! For hoti you tithe apodekatoō · ho mint hēdyosmon and kai · ho rue pēganon and kai every pas kind of garden lachanon herb , yet kai disregard parerchomai · ho justice krisis and kai the ho love agapē of ho God theos. These houtos · de you should dei have done poieō, without neglecting pariēmi the others kakeinos. 43 Woe ouai to you hymeis · ho Pharisees Pharisaios! For hoti you love agapaō the ho seat prōtokathedria of honor in en the ho synagogues synagōgē and kai · ho greetings aspasmos in en the ho marketplaces agora. 44 Woe ouai to you hymeis! For hoti you are eimi like hōs · ho unmarked adēlos tombs mnēmeion; · ho · kai · ho people anthrōpos · ho walk peripateō over epanō them without ou realizing oida it.”

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