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11 “If he can’t afford[a] two turtledoves or two young doves, then he is to bring as his offering a tenth of an ephah[b] of fine flour as a sin offering for what he has committed. He is to put no olive oil or frankincense on it, since it’s a sin offering. 12 He is to bring it to the priest. The priest is to take a handful as a memorial and burn it on the altar as an offering made by fire to the Lord. It’s a sin offering. 13 The priest will make atonement for him, on account of the sin that he had committed in any of these things and it will be forgiven him. As far as the priest is concerned, it will be a meal offering.”

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  1. Leviticus 5:11 Lit. if his hands cannot reach
  2. Leviticus 5:11 I.e., an ephah was equal to from /3 to /4 of a bushel

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