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19 That if he that avowed will again-buy the field, he shall add the fifth part of the money that (it) is appraised (for), and he shall wield it; (And if he, who vowed the field, will buy it back, he shall add a fifth part to the value that it is appraised for, and then it shall be his;)

20 but if he will not again-buy it, but it is sold to any other man, he that avowed it shall never be able to again-buy it; (but if he will not buy it back, and it is sold to another man, then he who vowed it shall never be able to buy it back;)

21 for when the day of jubilee cometh, that field shall be hallowed to the Lord, and the possession hallowed pertaineth to the right of priests. (for when the Jubilee Year cometh, that field shall be holy to the Lord, and dedicated possessions belong to the priests.)

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