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41 which made me turn against them and send them into the land of their enemies. If ·these disobedient people [L their uncircumcised hearts; Deut. 10:16; 30:6; Jer. 4:4] are ·sorry for what they did [L humbled] and accept punishment for their sin, 42 I will remember my ·agreement [covenant; treaty] with Jacob [Gen. 35:9–15], my ·agreement [covenant; treaty] with Isaac [Gen. 26:24], and my ·agreement [covenant; treaty] with Abraham [Gen 12:1–3; 15; 17], and I will remember the land. 43 The land will be ·left empty by its people [L forsaken/abandoned of them], and it will enjoy its ·time of rest [sabbath; 25:1–7] as it lies ·bare [desolate] without them. Then those who are left alive will accept the punishment for their sins. They will learn that they were punished because they ·hated [disdained] my ·laws [regulations] and ·refused to obey [abhorred] my ·rules [statutes; ordinances; requirements].

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