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The Fellowship Offering

11 “‘These are the ·teachings [laws; instructions] about the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] a person may offer to the Lord: 12 If he brings the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] to show his thanks, he should also bring loaves of bread made without ·yeast [leaven] that are mixed with oil, wafers made without ·yeast [leaven] that have oil poured over them, and loaves of ·fine [choice] flour that are ·mixed [or soaked] with oil. 13 He must also offer loaves of bread made with ·yeast [leaven] along with his ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1], which he gives to show thanks. 14 One of each kind of ·offering [gift] will be for the Lord; it will be given to the priest who ·sprinkles [dashes] the blood of the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering. 15 When the fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] is given to thank the Lord, the meat from it must be eaten the same day it is offered; none of it must be left until morning.

16 “‘If a person brings a ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] ·just to give a gift to God [as a freewill offering] or because of a ·special promise to him [votive offering; C in fulfillment of a vow], the sacrifice should be eaten the same day he offers it. If there is any left, it may be eaten the next day. 17 If any meat from this sacrifice is left on the third day, it must be burned ·up [L with fire]. 18 Any meat of the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering eaten on the third day will not be accepted, nor will the sacrifice count for the person who offered it. It ·will become unclean [is an abomination], and anyone who eats the meat will be guilty of sin.

19 “‘People must not eat meat that touches anything unclean [C in a ritual sense]; they must burn this meat with fire. Anyone who is clean may eat other meat. 20 But if anyone is unclean and eats the meat from the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] that belongs to the Lord, he must be cut off from his people.

21 “‘If anyone touches something unclean [C in a ritual sense]—uncleanness that comes from people, from an animal, or from some ·hated thing [or swarming creature]—touching it will make him unclean. If he then eats meat from the ·fellowship [or peace; well-being] offering [3:1] that belongs to the Lord, he must be cut off from his people.’”

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