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14 Do all things without murmurings and madon,

15 That you may be innocent and without michshol of blame [1:10], bnei haElohim TAMIM U’MUM ("unblemished and unspotted" Ex 12:5; Lv 22:20; Isa 53:7-9) in the midst of a DOR IKKESH UFETALTOL ("warped and crooked generation Dt 32:5), among whom you shine as the ZOHAR (Dan 12:3) in the Olam Hazeh,

16 Holding fast the Dvar HaChayyim. This is so that I will have reason for glorying on the Yom HaMoshiach [1:6,10], that I neither ran nor labored L’TOHU (in vain) [YESHAYAH 49:4; 65:23].

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