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10 Not meaning to completely disassociate from the zannayim of the Olam Hazeh or those guilty of chamdanut (greed) and the ones practicing hona’ah (swindling) or those guilty of avodah zarah (idol worship), als (since) in that case you would have to exit the Olam Hazeh.

11 But, now I wrote to you not to mix with any “Ach b’Moshiach” who is a zannay (fornicator) or a kamtzan (miser) or an oved elilim (idolater) or a megadef (reviler) or a shikkor (drunkard) or a shoded (robber); with such a man do not sit at tish (table), do not share betzi’at halechem (breaking of bread).

12 For what is it to me to sit as a dayan in the Bet Din and then judge ones outside the kehillah? Will your Bet Din not judge the ones within [the kehillah]?

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