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and they gave him 70 silver coins from the temple that they had built to[a] Baal-berith. Abimelech hired some worthless and useless men, who followed him to his father’s house in Ophrah. There he murdered his own brothers, Jerubbaal’s sons—all 70 of them—in one place.[b] But Jerubbaal’s youngest son Jotham survived by hiding himself.

All the men from Shechem and Beth-millo[c] gathered together and set up Abimelech as king near the pillar erected[d] in Shechem.

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  1. Judges 9:4 Lit. temple of
  2. Judges 9:5 Lit. them—on one stone
  3. Judges 9:6 Or and from the household of Rampart; and so throughout the chapter
  4. Judges 9:6 I.e. a cultic object of worship

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