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11 At the sound of those dividing[a] the sheep
        among the watering places,
    there they will recount the righteous deeds of Yahweh,
    the righteous deeds for his warriors[b] in Israel.
Then the people of Yahweh went down to the gates.
12 “Wake up, wake up, Deborah!
    Wake up, wake up, sing a song!
Get up, Barak!
    Take captive your captives, O son of Abinoam.
13 Then the remnant went down to the nobles;
    the people of Yahweh went down for him[c] against the mighty.

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  1. Judges 5:11 Meaning uncertain; other translations have “archers” (Tanakh), “musicians” (ESV, NRSV) or “singers” (NIV, HCSB)
  2. Judges 5:11 Hebrew “warrior”
  3. Judges 5:13 Hebrew “me”

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