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Deborah, a woman, prophet, and wife of Lappidoth, was herself judging Israel during that time. She regularly took her seat[a] under the Palm Tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the mountainous region[b] of Ephraim, where the Israelis would approach her for decisions. She sent word to Abinoam’s son Barak from Kedesh-naphtali, summoning him. She asked him, “The Lord God of Israel has commanded you, hasn’t he? He told you,[c] ‘Go out, march to Mount Tabor, and take 10,000 men with you from the tribes[d] of Naphtali and Zebulun.

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  1. Judges 4:5 I.e. in her capacity as governor
  2. Judges 4:5 Or the hill country
  3. Judges 4:6 The Heb. lacks He told you
  4. Judges 4:6 Lit. children

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