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27 The Israelites asked the Lord (for the ark of God’s covenant was there in those days; 28 Phinehas son of Eleazar, son of Aaron, was serving the Lord[a] in those days), “Should we[b] once more march out to fight the Benjaminites our brothers,[c] or should we[d] quit?” The Lord said, “Attack, for tomorrow I will hand them[e] over to you.”

29 So Israel hid men in ambush outside Gibeah.

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  1. Judges 20:28 tn Heb “standing before him.”
  2. Judges 20:28 tn Heb “I” (collective singular).
  3. Judges 20:28 tn Heb “my brother” (collective singular).
  4. Judges 20:28 tn Heb “I” (collective singular).
  5. Judges 20:28 tn Heb “him” (collective singular).
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