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17 (And) Then he opened the truth of the thing, and said to her, Iron came never yet upon mine head (No iron hath ever yet touched my head), for I am a Nazarite, that is, hallowed to the Lord, from my mother’s womb; if mine head be shaven, my strength shall go away from me, and I shall fail, and I shall be (made as feeble) as other men.

18 And she saw that he [had] acknowledged to her all his will, either heart; and she sent to the princes of Philistines, and commanded, Go ye up yet (at) once, for now he hath opened his heart to me. The which went up, the money taken with them that they promised. (And she saw that he had spoken to her with all his heart; and she sent for the rulers of the Philistines, saying, Come ye up at once, for he hath now opened up all his heart to me. And they came to her immediately, bringing the money that they had promised.)

19 And she made him sleep upon her knees, and to lay his head in her bosom; and (then) she called (for) a barber, and he shaved (the) seven (locks of the) hairs of him; and (then) she began to shove him away, and to put him (off) from her; for at once the strength went away from him.

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