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17 So he finally disclosed everything. He told her,[a] “A razor has never touched my head, because I’ve been a Nazirite for God before I was born.[b] If I am shaved, then my strength will abandon me and I will become weak like every human being.”

18 When Delilah realized that he had disclosed everything[c] to her, she sent for the Philistine officials and told them, “Hurry up and come here at once, because he has told me everything.”[d] So the Philistine officials went to her and brought their money with them. 19 So she enticed him to fall asleep on her lap, called for a man to shave off his seven locks of hair[e] from his head, and so began to humiliate him. Then his strength abandoned him.

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  1. Judges 16:17 Lit. disclosed his entire heart to her
  2. Judges 16:17 Lit. God from my mother’s womb
  3. Judges 16:18 Lit. disclosed his entire heart
  4. Judges 16:18 Lit. me his entire heart
  5. Judges 16:19 The Heb. lacks of hair

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