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Samson Burns the Philistine Harvest

15 A while later during the wheat harvest, Samson visited his wife, bringing along a young goat, and told his father-in-law,[a] “I’m going into my wife’s room.” But her father wouldn’t give permission for him[b] to go.

Her father said, “Because I honestly thought that you hated her deeply, I gave her in marriage to your best man.[c] Isn’t her younger sister better than she? Please then, let her be yours instead.”

Samson replied to them, “This time I’ll be blameless when I do something evil to the Philistines.”

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  1. Judges 15:1 The Heb. lacks to his father-in-law
  2. Judges 15:1 The Heb. lacks permission for him
  3. Judges 15:2 Lit. your acquaintance; cf. Judg 14:20; 15:7

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