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22 Show mercy to ·some people who have doubts [those who waver; C in their faith]. 23 ·Take others out of the fire, and save them [L Save/Rescue others by snatching them from the fire; C fire represents judgment]. Show mercy mixed with fear to others [C fear inspired by God’s righteous judgment against sin], hating even their clothes which are ·dirty from sin [L stained by the sinful nature/flesh].

Praise God

24 ·God is strong and can [L Now to the one who is able to] ·help you not to fall [keep/guard you from falling/stumbling]. ·He can bring you [L …and to present you] before his ·glory [glorious presence] ·without any wrong in you [faultless; blameless; spotless] and ·can give you great joy [with gladness/jubilation/rejoicing].

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