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17 The city and all that is in it must be set apart for the Lord;[a] only Rahab the prostitute and all who are with her in her house will live, because she hid the spies[b] we sent. 18 But be careful when you are setting apart the riches for God. If you take any of it, then you will make the Israelite camp subject to annihilation and cause a disaster.[c] 19 All the silver and gold, as well as bronze and iron items, belong to the Lord.[d] They must go into the Lord’s treasury.”

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  1. Joshua 6:17 tn Or “dedicated to the Lord.”sn To make the city set apart for the Lord would involve annihilating all the people and animals and placing its riches in the Lord’s treasury (vv. 19, 21, 24).
  2. Joshua 6:17 tn Heb “messengers.”
  3. Joshua 6:18 tn Heb “Only you keep [away] from what is set apart [to God] so that you might not, as you are setting [it] apart, take some of what is set apart [to God] and turn the camp of Israel into what is set apart [to destruction by God] and bring trouble on it.”
  4. Joshua 6:19 tn Heb “it is holy to the Lord.”

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