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17 But you must destroy it and everything in it, to show that it now belongs to the Lord.[a] The woman Rahab helped the spies we sent,[b] so protect her and the others who are inside her house. But kill everyone else in the town. 18-19 The silver and gold and everything made of bronze and iron belong to the Lord and must be put in his treasury. Be careful to follow these instructions, because if you see something you want and take it, the Lord will destroy Israel. And it will be all your fault.[c]

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  1. 6.17 destroy. . . now belongs to the Lord: Destroying a city and everything in it, including its people and animals, showed that it belonged to the Lord and could no longer be used by humans.
  2. 6.17 sent: See 2.1,21.
  3. 6.18,19 Be careful. . . fault: One ancient translation; Hebrew “Don’t keep any of it for yourself. If you do, the Lord will destroy both you and Israel.”

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