Summary of Conquests

16 So Joshua took all this land—the hill country, all the Negev, all the land of Goshen,(A) the foothills,[a] the Arabah, and the hill country of Israel with its foothills[b] 17 from Mount Halak,(B) which ascends to Seir, as far as Baal-gad in the Valley of Lebanon at the foot of Mount Hermon. He captured all their kings and struck them down, putting them to death.(C)

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  1. Joshua 11:16 Or the Shephelah
  2. Joshua 11:16 Or its Shephelah

16 So Joshua took this entire land: the hill country,(A) all the Negev,(B) the whole region of Goshen, the western foothills,(C) the Arabah and the mountains of Israel with their foothills, 17 from Mount Halak, which rises toward Seir,(D) to Baal Gad(E) in the Valley of Lebanon(F) below Mount Hermon.(G) He captured all their kings and put them to death.(H)

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