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12-13 The Lord was helping the Israelites defeat the Amorites that day. So about noon, Joshua prayed to the Lord loud enough for the Israelites to hear:

“Our Lord, make the sun stop
    in the sky over Gibeon,
and the moon stand still
    over Aijalon Valley.”[a]
So the sun and the moon
    stopped and stood still
until Israel defeated its enemies.

This poem can be found in The Book of Jashar.[b] The sun stood still and didn’t go down for about a whole day. 14 Never before and never since has the Lord done anything like that for someone who prayed. The Lord was really fighting for Israel.

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  1. 10.12,13 Aijalon Valley: A valley southwest of Beth-Horon Pass.
  2. 10.12,13 Book of Jashar: This book may have been a collection of ancient war songs.

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