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24 ( John Iōannēs had eimi not oupō yet been thrown ballō into eis · ho prison phylakē.) · ho

25 Now oun an argument zētēsis about peri ritual cleansing katharismos arose ginomai between meta some ek of ho John’ s Iōannēs disciples mathētēs and a certain Jew Ioudaios. 26 So kai they came erchomai to pros · ho John Iōannēs and kai said legō to him autos, “ Rabbi rhabbi, that man who hos was eimi with meta you sy on the far peran side of the ho Jordan Iordanēs, the one to whom hos you sy bore witness martyreō well ide, he houtos is baptizing baptizō, and kai everyone pas is going erchomai to pros him autos!”

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