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20 For gar everyone pas who ho practices prassō wickedness phaulos hates miseō the ho light phōs and kai does not ou come erchomai to pros the ho light phōs for fear that hina his autos deeds ergon will be exposed elenchō. · ho 21 But de the ho one who does poieō the ho truth alētheia comes erchomai to pros the ho light phōs, so hina that his autos deeds ergon may be clearly seen phaneroō, · ho that hoti they have been eimi done ergazomai in en God theos.”

22 After meta this houtos Jesus Iēsous and kai his autos disciples mathētēs went erchomai · ho · ho into eis the ho Judean Ioudaios countryside , and kai he was there ekei with meta them autos for a time diatribō and kai was baptizing baptizō.

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