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13 · ho On hearing akouō · ho these houtos words logos, Pilate Pilatos brought agō Jesus Iēsous out exō · ho and kai sat kathizō down on epi the judge’ s bēma bench in eis the place topos called legō Stone lithostrōtos Pavement ,” or de in Hebrew Hebraisti, “ Gabbatha Gabbatha.” 14 Now de it was eimi the day of Preparation paraskeuē for the ho Passover pascha, about hōs noon hektos. · kai Pilate said legō to the ho Jews Ioudaios, “ Here ide is · ho your hymeis king basileus!” 15 But oun they shouted kraugazō, “ Away airō with him ekeinos! Away airō with him! Crucify stauroō him autos!” Pilate Pilatos said legō to them autos, · ho Shall I crucify stauroō · ho your hymeis king basileus?” The ho chief priests archiereus answered apokrinomai, “ We have echō no ou king basileus but ei mē Caesar Kaisar!”

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