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Blow the trumpet in ·Jerusalem [L Zion; C the location of the Temple];
    ·shout a warning [sound the alarm; or raise the battle cry] on my holy mountain.
Let all the people who live in the land shake with fear,
    because the ·Lord’s day of judging [L day of the Lord; 1:15] is coming;
    it is near.

The Coming Day of Judgment

It will be a ·dark, gloomy day [day/time of darkness and gloom],
    cloudy and black.
Like ·the light at sunrise [spreading dawn; or spreading darkness],
    a great and powerful army will spread over the mountains.
There has never been anything like it before,
    and there will never be anything like it ·again [L for generations to come].

In front of them a fire ·destroys [devours];
    in back of them a flame burns.
The land in front of them is like the garden of Eden [Gen. 2:8–14];
    the land behind them is like an ·empty desert [desolate wilderness].
    Nothing will escape from them.

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