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Eliphaz Talks

Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered, “If one speaks with you, will you want him to stop? But who can keep from speaking? See, you have taught many, and you have given strength to weak hands. Your words have helped him stand who would have fallen. You have given strength to weak knees. But now it has come to you, and you are not happy. It touches you, and you are troubled and sad. Is not your fear of God what gives you strength and your good ways that give you hope?

“Think now, who without guilt was ever destroyed? As I have seen, those who plow sin and plant trouble gather the same. By the breath of God they are destroyed. They are destroyed by the wind of His anger. 10 The noise of the lion, the voice of the angry lion, and the teeth of the young lions are broken. 11 The strong lion dies because there is no food to get. And the young of the lioness are sent everywhere.

12 “Now a word was brought to me in secret. My ear heard it spoken in a quiet voice. 13 With troubled thoughts from the dreams of the night, when deep sleep comes upon men, 14 fear came to me and I shook. It made all my bones shake. 15 A spirit passed by my face. The hair of my flesh stood up. 16 The spirit stood still, but I could not understand what I saw. Something was in front of my eyes. All was quiet, then I heard a voice: 17 ‘Can man be right more than God? Can a man be pure more than his Maker? 18 He puts no trust even in His servants. He finds mistakes among His angels. 19 How much more those who live in houses of clay, who build upon the dust, who are crushed like the moth! 20 Between morning and evening they are destroyed. Without anyone seeing it they become lost forever. 21 Is not their tent-rope pulled up within them? They die, and have no wisdom.’

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