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They reap fodder[a] in the field,
and glean[b] in the vineyard of the wicked.
They spend the night naked because they lack clothing;
they have no covering against the cold.
They are soaked by mountain rains
and huddle[c] in the rocks because they lack shelter.

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  1. Job 24:6 tc The word בְּלִילוֹ (belilo) means “his fodder.” It is unclear to what this refers. If the suffix is taken as a collective, then it can be translated “they gather/reap their fodder.” The early versions all have “they reap in a field which is not his” (taking it as בְּלִי לוֹ, beli lo). A conjectural emendation would change the word to בַּלַּיְלָה (ballaylah, “in the night”). But there is no reason for this.
  2. Job 24:6 tn The verbs in this verse are uncertain. In the first line “reap” is used, and that would be the work of a hired man (and certainly not done at night). The meaning of this second verb is uncertain; it has been taken to mean “glean,” which would be the task of the poor.
  3. Job 24:8 tn Heb “embrace” or “hug.”

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