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There is Life after Death

13 “Won’t you keep me safe in the afterlife?[a]
    Conceal me until your anger subsides.
Set an appointment for me,
    then remember me.
14 If a human being[b] dies, will he live again?
    I will endure the entire time of my assigned service,
        until I am changed.[c]
15 You’ll call and I’ll answer you;
    you’ll long for your creatures that your hands have made.[d]

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  1. Job 14:13 Lit. in Sheol; i.e. the realm of the dead
  2. Job 14:14 Lit. strong man
  3. Job 14:14 Lit. until my change comes; i.e. change in bodily state at the resurrection; cf. 1 Cor 15:51
  4. Job 14:15 Lit. for the work of your hands

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