13 Oh that thou wouldest hide me in the grave, and keep me secret, until thy [a]wrath were past, and wouldest give me term, and [b]remember me!

14 If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of mine appointed time will I wait, till [c]my changing shall come.

15 Thou shalt call me, and I will [d]answer thee: thou lovest the work of thine own hands.

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  1. Job 14:13 Hereby he declareth that the fear of God’s judgment was the cause why he desired to die.
  2. Job 14:13 That is, release my pains and take me to mercy.
  3. Job 14:14 Meaning, unto the day of the resurrection when he should be changed, and renewed.
  4. Job 14:15 Though I be afflicted in this life, yet in the resurrection I shall feel thy mercies and answer when thou callest me.

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