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“They bend their tongue,
    as their bow, for falsehood.
They have grown strong in the land,
    but not for truth;
for they proceed from evil to evil,
    and they don’t know me,” says Yahweh.
“Everyone beware of his neighbor,
    and don’t trust in any brother;
for every brother will utterly supplant,
    and every neighbor will go around like a slanderer.
Friends deceive each other,
    and will not speak the truth.
They have taught their tongue to speak lies.
    They weary themselves commiting iniquity.

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“They make ready their tongue
    like a bow, to shoot lies;(A)
it is not by truth
    that they triumph[a] in the land.
They go from one sin to another;
    they do not acknowledge(B) me,”
declares the Lord.
“Beware of your friends;(C)
    do not trust anyone in your clan.(D)
For every one of them is a deceiver,[b](E)
    and every friend a slanderer.(F)
Friend deceives friend,(G)
    and no one speaks the truth.(H)
They have taught their tongues to lie;(I)
    they weary themselves with sinning.

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  1. Jeremiah 9:3 Or lies; / they are not valiant for truth
  2. Jeremiah 9:4 Or a deceiving Jacob

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