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14 So I will destroy this temple that I have claimed as my own,[a] this temple that you are trusting to protect you. I will destroy this place that I gave to you and your ancestors,[b] just like I destroyed Shiloh.[c] 15 And I will drive you out of my sight just like I drove out your relatives, the people of Israel.’[d]

16 “But as for you, Jeremiah,[e] do not pray for these people. Do not raise a cry of prayer[f] for them! Do not plead with me to save them,[g] because I will not listen to you.

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  1. Jeremiah 7:14 tn Heb “over which my name is called.” For this nuance of this idiom see BDB 896 s.v. קָרָא Niph.2.d(4) and compare the usage in 2 Sam 12:28.
  2. Jeremiah 7:14 tn Heb “fathers” (also in vv. 22, 25, 26).
  3. Jeremiah 7:14 tn Heb “I will do to the house that my name is called over it, that you are trusting in it, and to the place…, as I did to Shiloh.”
  4. Jeremiah 7:15 tn Heb “the descendants of Ephraim.” However, Ephraim here stands (as it often does) for all the northern tribes of Israel.
  5. Jeremiah 7:16 tn The name Jeremiah has been added for specificity.
  6. Jeremiah 7:16 tn Heb “a ringing cry and a prayer.” The two nouns form a hendiadys meaning a prayer in the form of a ringing cry.
  7. Jeremiah 7:16 tn The words “to save them” are implied by the context of “pleading to me” and supplied in the translation for clarity.

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