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38 People are crying on every roof[a] in Moab
    and in every public square.
There is nothing but sadness,
    because I have broken Moab
    like a jar no one wants,” says the Lord.
39 “Moab is shattered! The people are crying!
    Moab turns away in shame!
People all around her make fun of her.
    The things that happened fill them with great fear.”

40 This is what the Lord says:

“Look! Someone is coming, like an eagle diving down from the sky
    and spreading its wings over Moab.

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  1. 48:38 roof In Bible times houses were built with flat roofs. The roof was used for drying things such as flax and fruit. And it was used as an extra room, as a place for worship, and as a cool place to sleep in the summer.

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