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It is Egypt that rises like the Nile,
like rivers with surging waters.
Egypt said, “I will rise.
I will cover the earth.
I will destroy cities
and those who live in them.”

Horses, charge!
Charioteers, drive like madmen!
Forward, you warriors,
you men of Cush and Put who carry the shield,
you men of Lud who grasp and bend the bow![a]
10 That day is the day of the Lord, the God of Armies.
It is a day of vengeance,
when he will take vengeance on his foes.

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  1. Jeremiah 46:9 Men from these nations served as mercenaries in the Egyptian army. Cush is in Sudan. Put is in Libya. Lud is either Lydia in present-day Turkey or another region in Libya.

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