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10 For this is (A)the day of the Lord God of hosts,
A day of vengeance,
That He may avenge Himself on His adversaries.
(B)The sword shall devour;
It shall be [a]satiated and made drunk with their blood;
For the Lord God of hosts (C)has a sacrifice
In the north country by the River Euphrates.

11 “Go(D) up to Gilead and take balm,
(E)O virgin, the daughter of Egypt;
In vain you will use many medicines;
(F)You shall not be cured.
12 The nations have heard of your (G)shame,
And your cry has filled the land;
For the mighty man has stumbled against the mighty;
They both have fallen together.”

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  1. Jeremiah 46:10 Filled to the full

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