Now the second day that he had slain Gedaliah, and no man knew it,

There came men from Shechem, from Shiloh, and from Samaria, even fourscore men having their beards shaven, and their clothes rent and cut, with [a]offerings and incense in their hands to offer in the house of the Lord.

And Ishmael the son of Nethaniah went forth from Mizpah to meet them, weeping, as he went: and when he met them, he said unto them, Come [b]to Gedaliah the son of Ahikam.

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  1. Jeremiah 41:5 For they thought that the Temple had not been destroyed and therefore came up to the feast of Tabernacles: but hearing of the burning thereof in the way, they showed these signs of sorrow.
  2. Jeremiah 41:6 For his death was kept secret, and he feigned that he lament for the destruction of Jerusalem, and the Temple: but after slew them when they seemed to favor Gedaliah.

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