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11 the sounds of joy and happiness and the sounds of brides and grooms. You will hear those who bring thank offerings to Yahweh’s temple say,

‘Give thanks to Yahweh Tsebaoth because Yahweh is good,
    because his mercy endures forever.’

I will restore the fortunes of the land to what they were before,” says Yahweh.

12 “This is what Yahweh Tsebaoth says: In this deserted place, where no people or animals live, and in all its cities, there will once again be pastures where shepherds can rest their flocks. 13 In the cities on the mountains, in the foothills, in the Negev, in the territory of Benjamin, in the area around Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah, shepherds will once again count their sheep,” says Yahweh.

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