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19 From them will come praise,
    the sound of people rejoicing.
I will increase them, they will not decrease,
    I will glorify them, they will not be insignificant.(A)
20 His children shall be as of old,
    his assembly shall stand firm in my presence,
    I will punish all his oppressors.(B)
21 His leader[a] shall be one of his own,
    and his ruler shall emerge from his ranks.
He shall approach me when I summon him;
    Why else would he dare
    approach me?—oracle of the Lord.

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  1. 30:21 His leader: cf. v. 9. Approach me: i.e., in the sanctuary of the Temple for worship. This new David is given a priestly function to perform on behalf of the assembly. To approach God on one’s own brings death; cf. Lv 16:1–2.

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