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Now hear this, voluptuous one,
    enthroned securely,
Saying in your heart,
    “I, and no one else![a]
I shall never be a widow,
    bereft of my children”—(A)
Both these things shall come to you
    suddenly, in a single day:
Complete bereavement and widowhood
    shall come upon you
Despite your many sorceries
    and the full power of your spells;[b]

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  1. 47:8, 10 I, and no one else: Babylon is mockingly presented as making the same claim as the Lord (cf. 45:6, 14, 22; 46:9), a claim that events will soon prove to be false and foolish (v. 11).
  2. 47:9–13, 15 Babylon was known for its sorcery and astrology.

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