42 1 The obedience and humility of Christ. 6 Why he was sent into the world. 11 The vocation of the Gentiles.

Behold, [a]my servant: [b]I will stay upon him: mine elect, in whom my soul [c]delighteth: I have put my Spirit upon him: he shall bring forth [d]judgment to the Gentiles.

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  1. Isaiah 42:1 That is, Christ, who in respect of his manhood is called here servant. The Prophets used to make mention of Christ after that they have declared any great promise, because he is the foundation whereupon all the promises are made and ratified.
  2. Isaiah 42:1 For I have committed all my power to him, as to a most faithful steward: Some read, I will establish him: to wit, in his office by giving him the fullness of my Spirit.
  3. Isaiah 42:1 He only is acceptable to me, and they that come unto me by him: for there is no other means of reconciliation, Matt. 12:18; Eph. 4:1.
  4. Isaiah 42:1 He shall declare himself governor over the Gentiles, and call them by his word, and rule them by his Spirit.

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