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A Song of Praise to God

26 ·At that time [L In that day] this song will be sung in Judah:

We have a strong city.
    ·God protects us with [L His salvation/deliverance is] its strong walls and defenses.
Open the gates,
    and the ·good people [righteous nation] will enter,
    those who ·follow God [remain faithful].
You, Lord, ·give [preserve/keep in] ·true peace [complete peace; L peace, peace]
    ·to those who depend on you [T whose mind is stayed on you; L whose purpose is firm],
    because they trust you.
So, trust the Lord always,
    because ·he [L in Yah, the Lord/Yahweh; C Yah is a shorter version of Yahweh] is our ·Rock forever [eternal rock].
He will ·destroy [humble; bring down] ·the people of that proud city [L those who dwell on a high place],
He will bring that ·high [lofty; arrogant] city down to the ground
    and throw it down into the dust.
·Then those who were hurt by the city will walk on its ruins [L The foot tramples it down, the feet of the oppressed];
    ·those who were made poor by the city will trample it under their feet [L the footsteps of the poor (will trample it)].

The ·path [way] of life is level for ·those who are right with God [the righteous];
    ·Lord [or Upright One], you make the way of life ·smooth [straight; level] for those people.
But, Lord, we are waiting
    ·for your [or in the] ·way of justice [or path/way of your judgments].
Our souls ·want to remember [or desire; or wish to see glorified]
    ·you [your renown; your remembrance] and your name.
My soul ·wants to be with [longs/yearns for] you at night,
    and my spirit ·wants to be with [seeks; longs for] you ·at the dawn of every day [in the morning].
When your ·way of justice [judgment] comes to the ·land [earth],
    ·people [the inhabitants] of the world will learn ·the right way of living [righteousness; justice].
10 Evil people will not learn ·to do good [righteousness; justice]
    even if you show them ·kindness [mercy; grace].
They will continue ·doing evil [acting unjustly], even if they live in a ·good world [land of uprightness];
    they never see the Lord’s ·greatness [majesty].
11 Lord, ·you are ready to punish those people [L your hand is lifted up; C ready to strike],
    but they do not see that.
·Show them your strong love for your people [L They will see your zeal for your people; or They will see your zealous judgment against mankind].
    ·Then those who are evil [L …and they] will be ashamed.
·Burn [Consume] them in the fire
    ·you have prepared for [L of] your ·enemies [adversaries].
12 Lord, all our ·success is [accomplishments/works are] because of what you have done,
    ·so give us peace [or and you give us peace/security].
13 Lord, our God, other masters besides you have ruled us,
    but we ·honor [praise; remember] only ·you [L your name].
14 ·Those masters are now dead [L They are dead, never to live];
    their ·ghosts [spirits] will not rise from death.
You punished and destroyed them
    and erased any memory of them.
15 Lord, you ·multiplied the number of your people [enlarged/made great the nation];
    you ·multiplied them [enlarged/made great the nation] and brought ·honor [glory] to yourself.
You ·widened [enlarged; extended] the borders of the land.
16 Lord, people ·remember [seek; come to] you when they are in trouble;
    they ·say quiet prayers to you [or utter incantations] when you punish them.
17 Lord, ·when we are with you [or because of you],
    we are like a woman giving birth to a baby;
    she cries and has pain from the birth.
18 ·In the same way [L We were pregnant/conceived], we ·had pain [writhed; strained].
    We gave birth, but only to wind.
We ·don’t bring [or can’t bring; haven’t brought] salvation to the ·land [earth]
    ·or given birth to new people for the world [L nor have the inhabitants of the earth fallen].
19 Your dead will live again;
    their bodies will rise from death.
You who ·lie in the ground [L dwell in the dust],
    wake up and ·be happy [shout joyfully]!
·The dew covering you [L Your dew] is ·like the dew of a new day [L a dew of lights];
    the ·ground [earth] will give birth to the dead.

Judgment: Reward or Punishment

20 My people, go into your ·rooms [chambers; inner rooms]
    and shut your doors behind you.
Hide in your rooms for a short time
    until God’s anger ·is finished [has passed by].
21 [L For look/T behold] The Lord ·will leave [is coming out of] his place
    to punish the ·people [inhabitants] of the world for their sins.
The earth will ·show [reveal; disclose] ·the blood of the people who have been killed [L its blood];
    it will not cover ·the dead [its slain] any longer.

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