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The head of the northern kingdom of Israel is Samaria,
    and the head of Samaria is the son Remaliah.[a]
    If you do not stand firm in your faith,
    you will not be able to stand at all!”[b]

God with Us

10 Again Lord Yahweh spoke to Ahaz:

11 “Go ahead—ask for a sign from Yahweh, your God.[c] Ask for something big, so miraculous[d] that you will know only God did it!”

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  1. Isaiah 7:9 By implication, the head of Judah would be Jerusalem and the head of Jerusalem would be David’s son, Ahaz. Notice that God sees a city as the head of a nation and the head of a city to be a human leader. This is the principle of the stronghold/strongman. If the chief city of a nation is taken, the nation will fall. If the chief leader/spirit in a city is taken, the city will fall. See Mark 3:27.
  2. Isaiah 7:9 Or “If your faith does not hold, you will not be able to hold it together.” We must be willing to take God at his word and lay our fears to rest or we will be insecure, unstable, and unable to stand against our foes. Sadly, Ahaz did not heed the words of God and sought help instead from the king of Assyria, even using the gold of the temple to buy his favor (2 Kings 16:7-8). Ahaz was one of the worst of Judah’s kings, yet he had the living God standing ready to help him if he would turn back to the Lord.
  3. Isaiah 7:11 This would be a sign to Ahaz proving that God is trustworthy and can keep his word. God is willing to prove himself to Ahaz and to us.
  4. Isaiah 7:11 Or “as deep as sheol or as high as heaven”; that is, something so outside human experience that only God can do it.

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