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Isaiah’s Message

Then he said, “Go and tell the people:
    ‘You keep listening but understand nothing.
    You keep watching but learn nothing.’
10 Go and preach a message that will make their hearts dull,[a]
    their ears plugged, and their eyes blind.[b]
    Otherwise, their eyes will begin to see,
    their ears will begin to hear,
    their hearts will begin to understand,
    and they will return to me for healing and be healed.”[c]
11 Then I asked, “O Lord, for how long?”
    He answered,
    “Until their houses and cities are destroyed and uninhabited
    and their land a desolate wasteland.

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  1. Isaiah 6:10 Or “make fat (calloused) their hearts.” Light rejected hardens the heart. See Ex. 8:15.
  2. Isaiah 6:10 Or “plaster over their eyes.” Isaiah’s message is to those who practice idolatry. As they worship idols of wood and stone with no eyes or ears, they become like that which they worship. See also Jer. 10:14.
  3. Isaiah 6:10 To those who have an ear for God and a heart to receive revelation, more will be given. To those who do not have a heart to hear God, even the little revelation they have will be taken from them (Matt. 13:11-15). Jesus came speaking in parables. He longed for the open heart to receive more while the closed heart would be blinded further. The paradox of these verses is in the way God’s Word closes the hearts and minds of the rebellious but opens the ears and eyes of the hungry seeker.

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