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You will be like a ·beautiful crown [crown of majesty/glory] in the Lord’s hand,
    like a ·king’s crown [royal diadem] in your God’s hand.
You will never again be called ·the People that God Left [L Abandoned; Deserted],
    nor your land ·the Land that God Destroyed [Desolate].
You will be called ·the People God Loves [L My Delight Is In Her; T Hephzibah; C a proper name],
    and your land will be called ·the Bride of God [L Married; T Beulah; C a proper name],
because the Lord ·loves you [takes delight in you].
    And your land will ·belong to him as a bride belongs to her husband [be married].
As a young man marries a ·woman [young woman; virgin],
    so your ·children [or builder] will marry ·your land [L you].
As a ·man [L bridegroom] rejoices over ·his new wife [the bride],
    so your God will rejoice over you.

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