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He has sent me to announce the ·time when the Lord will show his kindness [year of the Lord’s favor; C an allusion to the Year of Jubilee; Lev. 25:10; Luke 4:18–19]
    and the ·time when our God will punish evil people [L day of vengeance of our God].
He has sent me to comfort all those who ·are sad [mourn]
    and to help the ·sorrowing [mourning] people of ·Jerusalem [L Zion; C location of the Temple; 59:20].
I will give them a ·crown [garland; headdress] to replace their ashes,
    and the oil of ·gladness [joy] to replace their ·sorrow [mourning],
    and ·clothes [a garment] of praise to replace their ·spirit of sadness [discouragement; heavy heart].
Then they will be called ·Trees of Goodness [or Oaks of Righteousness],
    trees planted by the Lord to show his ·greatness [glory; C manifest presence].

They will rebuild the ·old [ancient] ruins
    and restore the places destroyed long ago [58:12].
They will repair the ruined cities
    that were destroyed for ·so long [generations].

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