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Then your light will shine like the sunrise;[a]
your restoration will quickly arrive;[b]
your godly behavior[c] will go before you,
and the Lord’s splendor will be your rear guard.[d]
Then you will call out, and the Lord will respond;
you will cry out, and he will reply, ‘Here I am.’
You must[e] remove the burdensome yoke from among you
and stop pointing fingers and speaking sinfully.
10 You must[f] actively help the hungry
and feed the oppressed.[g]
Then your light will dispel the darkness,[h]
and your darkness will be transformed into noonday.[i]

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  1. Isaiah 58:8 tn Heb “will burst out like the dawn.” sn Light here symbolizes God’s favor and restored blessing, as the immediately following context makes clear.
  2. Isaiah 58:8 tn Heb “prosper”; KJV “spring forth speedily.”
  3. Isaiah 58:8 tn Or “righteousness.” Their godly behavior will be on display for all to see.
  4. Isaiah 58:8 sn The nation will experience God’s protective presence.
  5. Isaiah 58:9 tn Heb “if you.” In the Hebrew text vv. 9b-10 are one long conditional sentence. The protasis (multiple “if” clauses here) appears in vv. 9b-10a, with the apodosis (“then” clause) appearing in v. 10b.
  6. Isaiah 58:10 tn Heb “if you.” See the note on “you must” in v. 9b.
  7. Isaiah 58:10 tn Heb “If you furnish for the hungry [with] your being, and the appetite of the oppressed you satisfy.”
  8. Isaiah 58:10 tn Heb “will rise in the darkness.”
  9. Isaiah 58:10 tn Heb “and your darkness [will be] like noonday.”

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