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Self-Deception of the Babylonians

10 “You trusted in your own knowledge.[a]
    You said, ‘No one sees me.’
Your wisdom and knowledge have misled you.
    You said in your heart,
        ‘I am the one, and there will be none besides me.’

11 “But disaster will come[b] upon you,
    and[c] you will not know how to charm it away.
A calamity will befall you
    that you will not be able to[d] ward off;
and devastation will come upon you suddenly,
    and[e] you won’t anticipate it.

12 “But[f] stand up now with your spells
    and your many incantations,
at which you have labored from your childhood until today,[g]

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  1. Isaiah 47:10 So 1QIsaa; MT LXX read evil
  2. Isaiah 47:11 So 1QIsaa (feminine); MT (masculine [incorrectly])
  3. Isaiah 47:11 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT lacks and
  4. Isaiah 47:11 So 1QIsaa; MT lacks to
  5. Isaiah 47:11 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT lacks and
  6. Isaiah 47:12 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT LXX lack But
  7. Isaiah 47:12 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT read childhood. Perhaps you can gain some profit; perhaps you may inspire fear. LXX reads if you can gain some profit.
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