I the Lord have called thee in [a]righteousness, and will hold [b]thine hand, and I will keep thee, and give thee for a [c]covenant of the people, and for a light of the Gentiles,

That thou mayest open the eyes of the blind, and bring out the prisoners from the prison: and them that sit in darkness, out of the prison house.

I am the Lord, this is my Name, and my [d]glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

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  1. Isaiah 42:6 Meaning, unto a lawful and just vocation.
  2. Isaiah 42:6 To assist and guide thee.
  3. Isaiah 42:6 As him, by whom the promise made to all nations in Abraham shall be fulfilled.
  4. Isaiah 42:8 I will not suffer my glory to be diminished: which I should do if I were not faithful in performing the same, and the idolaters thereby would extol their idols above me.

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