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He would never crush a broken heart[a]
    nor disregard the weak and vulnerable.[b]
    He will make sure justice comes to those who are wronged.
His inner being will not become faint or discouraged,
    nor will his light grow dim before he establishes justice on the earth.
    Even the distant lands beyond the seas
    will hunger for his instruction.”[c]
Here are the words of the true God, Yahweh,
    the one who created the starry heavens and stretched them out.
    He is the one who formed the earth and filled it with life.
    He gives breath to every person
    and spirit to everyone everywhere.

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  1. Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised (bent over) reed.” A reed can be seen as a biblical metaphor for the feebleness of humanity. Jesus, God’s servant, is extraordinarily gentle. Rather than break weak ones, he restores and heals them. See Matt. 12:20.
  2. Isaiah 42:3 Or “nor extinguish a smoldering candle (those whose light and faith is growing dim).”
  3. Isaiah 42:4 These first four verses give us the qualifications for ministry: (1) chosen and anointed by God, (2) committed to reach the unreached, (3) gentle and compassionate, and (4) not discouraged but having unfailing courage.

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