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He pursues them and passes by unharmed;[a]
he advances with great speed.[b]
Who acts and carries out decrees?[c]
Who[d] summons the successive generations from the beginning?
I, the Lord, am present at the very beginning,
and at the very end—I am the one.[e]
The coastlands[f] see and are afraid;
the whole earth[g] trembles;
they approach and come.

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  1. Isaiah 41:3 tn Heb “[in] peace”; KJV, ASV “safely”; NASB “in safety”; NIV “unscathed.”
  2. Isaiah 41:3 tn Heb “a way with his feet he does not come [or “enter”].” One could translate, “by a way he was not [previously] entering with his feet.” This would mean that he is advancing into new territory and expanding his conquests. The present translation assumes this is a hyperbolic description of his speedy advance. He moves so quickly he does not enter the way with his feet, i.e., his feet don’t even touch the ground. See C. R. North, Second Isaiah, 94.
  3. Isaiah 41:4 tn Heb “Who acts and accomplishes?”; NASB “Who has performed and accomplished it.”
  4. Isaiah 41:4 tn The interrogative particle is understood by ellipsis (note the preceding line).
  5. Isaiah 41:4 tn Heb “I, the Lord, [am with] the first, and with the last ones I [am] he.”
  6. Isaiah 41:5 tn Or “islands” (NIV, CEV); NCV “faraway places”; NLT “lands beyond the sea.”
  7. Isaiah 41:5 tn Heb “the ends of the earth,” but this is a merism, where the earth’s extremities stand for its entirety, i.e., the extremities and everything in between them.

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